Outstanding brands for men´s clothes at the spring – summer NY Fashion Week

When it comes to fashion, just a few occasions regarding this topic have such importance and relevance as Fashion Weeks; being the main event that is carried out two times a year in the most important cities in the world, in order to show new tendencies, designs and collections from designers where only the best of the best are included. Click here to know more about Fashion Weeks.

Today, let us talk about the spring – summer New York Fashion Week and the most outstanding brands regarding men´s clothes, showing their newest and more innovative clothing lines for upcoming seasons.

Bottega Beneta: Italian brand debuting this NYFW

On its first catwalk show in New York, the Italian brand Bottega Veneta went for everything and beyond. Like this, models showed excellent designs from Tomas Maier; daring clothes with “complete convincing of the power and elegance of tiger stripes” said the designer, and silky pants pajama style that reminds night walks to store house; very New Yorker style.

Raf Simmons

A lot to discover on Raf Simmons´s newest collection Youth in Motion, which was inspired on the German Movie from the 80´s “I, Cristina F.” about the world of drugs and youth. Therefore, the designer plays along the darkest side of juvenile indulgence, with her presentation of a detailed exploration of the common obsession of a lifestyle that ruins so many lives.

In fact, a great share of the incomes received from this particular collection will be given to different organization that help people in recovery from drug abuse and addiction. So, regardless of taste and personal believes people might have, Raf definitely has some credit on taking this clothing line to a whole new level of irreverence and provocation, with perfect outfits for those who want to feel young and stand out.

Li – Ning

And last but not least, if there is a brand that is justified to make the so call “athleisure” that is the Chinese Li – Ning, as a clothing line created in 1990 by the gymnast of the same name and winner of six Olympic medals.

Currently, Li – Ning´s newest clothing line combines sport and Asian design, in particular involving colors like black, white and red that pay tribute to the heritage of the continent, a matter that is achieved also through fabric and silhouettes  completely modern, including “ugly sneaker” versions as a tendency that will be here for quite a while.